It is rumored that Sony will be releasing a 50mp version of the A7R between now and June 2015. This is very exciting news for mirrorless camera owners as a 50mp small form factor camera will be incredible for Landscape and other photography genre’s. Larger DSLR cameras are alot to carry on long hikes and travel photography. I dove into Leica a year ago but was distressed with not having auto focus. Although, when I began shooting at 17 years old I didn’t have auto focus then either. But, a 50mp camera with auto focus and that can use Leica manual focus glass, with adapter, will be incredible. I HOPE that the camera and the sensor will live up to expectations. It will be difficult to beat my Hasselblad H4D-40 or my Phase One IQ-180 but, I will be most anxious to give it a try!


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