February 23, 2013

Adding Leica Equipment to my Arsenal of Gear

Leica M – Silver

Leica M - Silver (Back View)

Leica M – Silver (Back View)

After a few months of deliberation I have decided to add some Leica equipment to my gear. I have been studying Leica images for about 6 months now and although I love my Nikon and Hasselblad gear I find Leica images intriguing. Do I think I will be a better photographer from Leica, probably not but, I do believe two things will be gained. 1) Each camera I own has a different way of rendering images. I believe the “Leica Look” will add another Genre of look to my portfolio. Also, this acquisition will continue my quest for “Ultimate Image Quality”. 2) After hiking into The Subway at Kolob Terreace (Zion National Park) in the summer of 2012 and being completely exhausted after carrying my Nikon and Hasselblad gear 9 miles roundtrip in 12 hours, I have decided that I need to become more portable. I believe the Leica system will allow me to get in and out of long torturous hikes with the ease of lightweight gear without sacrificing image quality.

The really bad news is that I just read that the Leica M system will not be shipping until April 30, 2013. My trip to Europe is in May so I hope my pre-order arrives before departure. Future post will include Sample Leica images and comparisons to existing gear. Stay tuned….

[ And NO….I am not selling my Hasselblad or my Nikon Gear]

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