We departed Dallas Texas around 7:00 am to arrive in Las Vegas Nevada. We rented a Chevy Tahoe to provide us plenty of room for our bags and photography gear. From Las Vegas we had lunch at the new Twin Peaks restaurant an the proceeded on our 2:45 minute drive to Death Valley. Arriving in Death valley the temperature was 116 degrees. We checked into the Furnace Creek Ranch Hotel. We picked up some visitor information and put away our luggage in our room. The Furnace Creek ranch is a great place although the dining is on the expensive side unless you consider $14.50USD for a cheeseburger and fries to be the norm.

After having a quick bite to eat we headed out. Being that it was late in the day we just drove around and became familiar with the park and some of the locations as well as watching how the light was changing in the park. We made some notes for the next day shoot.

Had dinner around 8:00pm at Furnace Creek Ranch and turned in Early as we were exhausted.

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