White Sands 2012 – Yucca At Sunrise
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On our final day of this tour we arose early about 1 1/2 hour BEFORE sunrise and headed the 10 or so miles South of Alamogordo back down to White Sands. The Park actually opens at 7:00am so plan your trip accordingly. The sun was breaking over the horizon as the Park ranger was opening the gate. I would strongly suggest that you know where you are going to shoot sunrise the day before or by the time you figure out your composition it will be too late. We already knew where we were going so we drove straight to our spot and began to setup and shoot. My mind was thinking through all the settings and process as I drove down the park road to our destination. We captured all of our sunrise shots as quickly as possible and then sought out after other compositions. Around mid-day we headed back to Alamogordo for lunch and then headed out to return back to Texas.

We absolutely loved both Bosque Del Apache and White Sands New Mexico and hope to return soon. We are contemplating at Workshop here so stay tuned for more information.

Robert Shreve

© Copyright Robert Shreve Photography