We spent one last morning at Bosque Del Apache to capture yet another fly out. The Snow Geese were very thick this morning. As soon as the fly out had concluded we packed up our gear and began our journey to White Sands new Mexico. I have always wanted to go to White Sands as I have driven by several times when I was younger but we didn’t stop because our destination was elsewhere, most likely Ski Apache up by Ruidoso.

White Sands has a very nice visitor center and gift shop. Make sure you spend some time there as there is alot to see and learn. We arrived later in the evening so we took our time to make our way around and explore to find possible shooting locations. As you drive in to the park the sand is covered but heavy vegetation. Don’t worry, just keep on driving and the further you go it will turn into pure white dunes and the road will also seem to disappear into pure white. It is a beautiful place to see. We figured out where the sun would be setting and began to search for compositions of sand dunes or sand and cacti that would make for great shots. You must keep in mind not to walk into your shot. In other words be cautious as your footsteps will leave trails in the sand that will make it impossible to shoot where you have walked. (Unless you want to clone out your footsteps with Photoshop). My suggestion is to take your time and look carefully for interesting compositions and don’t walk where you think you might be shooting until you figure out what you are going to do. There are endless compositions in White Sands Park. We setup our gear and began shooting close to sunset. When photographing white sand you need to use 1/2 to 1 stop exposure compensation to make the sand white. Otherwise due to your cameras metering system the sabd will be 18% grey. Just kick up the exposure compensation¬† a notch and you should be good to go.

After sunset we drove out of the park in the dark which is easy to do as it isn’t a complicated route through the park. I still suggest picking up a park map at the Visitors Center. We dove back to Alamogordo where we stayed for this part of the trip.

White Sands Photography

White Sands 2012 – Lone Yucca
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